Who are we?

Alpha Eta Zeta

ornament1 The Oklahoma State Chapter (Alpha Eta Zeta) of Lambda Chi Alpha is a storied one.  The first fraternity on campus in 1917, Lambda Chi has made its presence known ever since.  Closing in on our 100th year on campus means we have a long list of alumni brothers spanning several generations.  The Alpha Eta Alumni Association is growing rapidly connecting those generations and their stories and memories.  All while keeping focus on mustering support for the undergraduate chapter.

Our motto


“We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha, and its traditions, principles and ideals. The crescent is our symbol; pure, high, ever growing, and the cross is our guide; denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.”

“May we have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha and passion for its welfare. May we have hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha and strength to fight for its teachings. May we have pure hearts that we may approach the ideal of perfect brotherly love.”